Lawn and Garden


Yard, Garden, and Landscaping Supplies


Big Apple dedicates a great percentage of our 8,000 square foot store to the lawn and garden department. We try to cater to both homeowners and professional landscapers alike, so we should have exactly what you need for your next project or job.

We keep a large variety of fertilizers on hand year round, including regular lawn and garden analyses such as 10-10-10 and 17-17-17, as well as specialized lawn foods such as slow release fertilizers and Anderson’s pre-emergents. Of course, Big Apple always keeps pellet lime and limestone on hand as it's a must-have for a healthy lawn.

Big Apple also stocks many other items necessary to maintain beautiful lawns and abundant gardens, including everything from bagged and bulk mulch to garden and greenhouse potting soils, top soils, and composted manure. Our organic department continues to grow as we sell many items to accommodate organic gardeners and farmers. You will also find many other outdoor items for your yard and garden, such as Agri-Fab spreaders, sprayers, bird food, feeders, as well as our decorative flags.

Let Big Apple get you growing with our large selection of seeds! We keep vegetable seeds, beans, peas, and corn, as well as many varieties and types of grass seeds and cover crops. Seasonally, we sell a large mix of fruit and vegetable plants as well as flowers.

For more on how to make your garden or yard a paradise, please contact Big Apple Farm Supply by calling (336) 349-3336 or click here to contact us by email.